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I Beliv Dental Studio is a state-of-the-art facility, with the latest Dental Technology available. Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality dental care in a relaxing, comfortable environment.


Our approach to dental care makes sure that you don't just have a more beautiful smile but a refreshing glow that comes from within. We are not just a dental clinic offering general and cosmetic dental services, we are also a dental studio that will help you relax as well. We are committed to the goal of making your next dental health experience a stress-free, restful, and enjoyable. We look forward to providing you with the finest dental care available.  In addition to exceptional dental care, we feel that a big-picture approach to your overall health and well-being is important.

The studio concept acknowledges that busy people need effective solutions as they attempt to maintain their health and combat the effects of stress, ultimately enhancing the quality of their lives. Thus, in addition to the state-of-the-art dental technologies, at I Beliv Dental Studio, we offer cosmetic and aesthetic treatments in a relaxed and soothing atmosphere with  complementary Spa Amenities like aromatherapy candles, music therapy and cable tv. We beliv and think green. Our studio is digital and ecofriendly.

Lastly, we are proud to serve our community since 2011. Let us be part of your family by providing you the best quality dental experience.



CEREC-Same Day Crowns
Same Day Crowns

CEREC offers patients the esthetics they want in just one visit.
Treatment of Gum Disease
Partial and Full dentures
Fixed Prosthodontics
-Bridges (conventional & all porcelain)
-Crowns (Lava, Procera, Captek, Empress, Cercon, PFM, Inceram)
General Restorative Dentistry
-Space Maintainers
-Night Guards
Invisalign Clear Braces
Clear Braces
Cosmetic Dentistry
-All Porcelain Crowns
-Tooth Whitening (POLA, In-Office and Take home)
-Cosmetic Evaluation
-Root Canal Treatment
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Our Dentist

DR. T​

   The ibeliv Creed 

We beliv in a functional and integral aesthetic dentistry

We beliv in the whole family We beliv in giving each patient dignity and respect

We beliv in providing the best possible treatment and services

We beliv in the use of the latest technological advancements

We beliv in the honesty and transparency of the diagnosis

We beliv in offering a relaxing atmosphere

We beliv in holistic and comprehensive health

We beliv in total patient satisfaction

We beliv in the truth

We beliv in contributing to a better self-esteem

We beliv in preventative care

We beliv in those who believe.



Me, my husband and all 3 of our kids go to Dr. Torres.  She is so patient and kind and gentle.  She makes you feel at ease every time you visit her.  Whether it is for a regular check up or for fillings and extractions, she is very calming and patient.  We have been patients for over a year and I know she is very honest and isn't trying to just get your money.  I would recommend using her for a second opinion if you have been told by other dentists that you need extensive dental work.

Chrissy Hannan

I have been coming to see this dentist for the past 3 years.  I absolutely give this Dentist a 5 star. I come all the way from Kissimmee to see her and I have no complaints. Unlike many dentist where all they want is your money and will do unecessary procedures she will not do any work that is not necessary. The max time I've waited is 20 minutes and I am usually in and out. The office smells great, almost like a spa. I have referred many friends and family to Dr. T and they all love her. 

Brenda Casillas

I have been a patron of ibeliv dental studio for over three years. Never have I had a bad experience there. The staff is consistent and every time I go there they treat me with respect and in the same way, with professionalism and the best care possible. The dentist is one of the nicest health care professionals I've ever encountered. The office is clean, it is well decorated, smells good, has good music, and every room is equipped with a television set. Going to this office always brightens and improves not only my mood, but also my smile and I would never consider going anywhere else.

Blake Dennis

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